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USS Pampanito (SS-383) Wish List

Pampanito Wish List

The following are lists of equipment and manuals commonly found on WW II fleet submarines that are needed by USS Pampanito. Separate lists of tools and major project funding needs are included at the end of the page.

The Maritime Park Association hopes to obtain these items to further the restoration of USS Pampanito, a 1943 Balao class, Fleet type, Portsmouth built submarine. It is our goal to make USS Pampanito as complete, and as accurate as possible. We have chosen to work towards a summer, 1945 configuration to represent the height of WW II submarine development.

Historic Equipment
Historic Electrical Equipment
Modern Tools and Supplies
Major Project Funding & Support


The list below is not in priority order. Bold face indicates items of special interest.

16 mm films, 1940s content, entertainment or training, reprints OK (3)
Anchor Windlass Bearings (1 Set)
Any spare parts for Hardie-Tynes High Pressure Air Compressor, 4 stage, 20 cu. ft. per hour at 3,000 lbs/in2.
   Oiler or parts for Hardie-Tynes oiler, or McCord Radiator & Mfg. Co. Class "SF".
   Water pump, or parts for Hardie-Tynes compressor water pump.
Any spare parts for Fairbanks-Morse 1100 KW Diesel Generator Set 10 Cylinder 8-1/8 Model 38D8-1/8, Spare Parts List.
DC Governor Receiver Motor for Woodward governor controller. Type MDC, Drg. EK2583PT.2, 120 VDC.
Any spare parts for Fairbanks-Morse 300 KW Diesel Generator Set 7 Cylinder 5-1/4 Model 38E5-1/4, esp. injectors and a governor.

Any spare parts (gaskets, seals, bearings, etc.) for:

Cooling Water Pump, M.T. Davidson, 560 GPM, 963/1925 RPM, 5.37 BHP
Cooling Water Pump, Warren Steam Pump Co., Centrifugal, 1-1/2-SED-6, 40 GPM, 2600 RPM, 250 VDC, 6.7 Amps.
Cooling Water Pump, Warren Steam Pump Co., Centrifugal, 1-SED-6, 5 GPM, 2600 RPM
Drain Pump, 35 GPM, 80.75 RPM, 2 Cyl., Horizontal, Duplex, Single Acting, 4-1/4" x 4-7/8", 176# working press.
Hydraulic Pump, Waterbury Tool Co., Size 10B, 43.5 Cu. In. per Rev., 350 RPM
Hydraulic Pump, Waterbury Tool Co., Size 5A, 22.5 Cu. In. per Rev., 1/4 stroke hand drive, 70 RPM.
Hydraulic Pump, Waterbury Tool Co., Size 5A, 22.6 Cu. In. per Rev. 437-12/ RPM
Lube Oil Pump, Viking, Models BA-783 and BA-784, RPM 1150, GPH 15, PSI 25 lb.
Lube Oil Purifier, Sharples Corp., Type Centrifugal Purifier, 250 GPH, 15,000 RPM
Diesel - Fuel Oil Purifier, Sharples Corp., Type Centrifugal Purifier, 450 GPH, 15,000 RPM M-95-35-18B-2
Lube Oil Standby Pump, DeLaval IMO 3/2 1/2 A32N
Trim Pump, Gardner-Denver Co., 100 GPM, 93.8 RPM, Horizontal Duplex, Single Acting, Horizontal Drive, 2 Cyl., Bore 5-1/2", Stroke 5-3/4", 176# Max. Working Press.
Vapor Compression Distilling Plant, E.B. Badger&Sons
Any spare parts for refrigeration/air conditioning system:
Tecumseh two cylinder, 1-3/4" bore x 1-3/8" stroke, FFP refrigeration compressor parts. Esp. a shaft seal #90984 (a.k.a. Blissfield BMK510-1, or BMK510-4, BMK510-3, or FW Lang Part No 91099-A) The seal should be the same as used on Tecumseh DD, FF and FFN compressors. Or Blissfield HC850 and CG99600 compressors.
York 4" x 4", 2 cylinder Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Compressor 4LA337
York 2-5/8" x 2-1/2", 2 cylinder, Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Compressor 2LA343
York 1-3/4" x 3/4" , 2 cylinder, Refrigeration Compressor A2CL62A-150
York Evaporator/Fan air conditioning Complete Unit (1)
Thermometers for Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Compressors and FM Engines
Refrigerant R-12 (Freon) Note restorer is EPA universal recovery certified. (100 lbs)
Barometer (manometer) for Conning tower and mystery gauge (1 each)
Bubble clinometer with backlight (see note)
Bunk Storage Bags (60), and Mattress Covers, crew size (8 immediate, 20+ future)
Chain Hoists, Yale Spur Gear model BB or BS (1 ton, 1.5 ton, extra chain guards), Sewn chain bags.
Cipher Equipment:
CSP-488 (M-94 Army) rotary disks Jefferson type cipher. (1)
CSP-845 (M-138A Army) strip cipher (1)
CSP-890 Pluggable rotor for use in the CSP-888/889. (1)
CSP-1270 = SIGMEN Chart Style Authentication Cipher, CSP-1272 are its instructions. (1)
CSP-1286 Two Card Authentication Cipher, CSP-1521 are its instructions. (1)
CSP 1524/25/26 Call sign ciphers.
CSP-1750 Call sign cipher, CSP-1751 are instructions. (1)
CSP-1300 Weather cipher. (1)
The original unit, as well as spare parts, rotors, gauges and assembly tools for a CSP-888/889 = CSP-2900 = SIGABA = ASAM-1 = KL-29 (1)
CO2 Absorbent Canisters - 15 lb. size (36)
Coffee Urn Either 4 or 5 gallon type.
Clocks and Watches
Mark 2 Course Clock Cams, Seth Thomas Clock (1 set of 4 cams)
Mark I Deck Clocks either Chelsea or Seth Thomas (12)
Shock mounts for Mark I Deck Clocks (12)
Comparing Watch (Hacking Watch), 17 jewel for navigation, i.e. Hamilton 2974B or Waltham 1617-C-12 or possibly Hamilton 4992b (2)
Stopwatch (a.k.a. Timers) used for fire control, i.e. Waltham A-8 or Elgin Timer (2)
Crew's Mess Bench Seats - Portsmouth Type (2)
Crew's Mess Condiment Racks (4)
Crew's Mess and Galley (Kitchen) Equipment (see list, pots, tin spice boxes, etc.)
Cribbage Board (1)
Depth gauge & Compartment pressure gauge, 7.25" face, 6" dial. (3)
Depth gauges, 10" face, 8-1/2" dial. (3)
Drill Press, Cincinnati Electric Tool Co., Type C-Size 7/8 inch, 250 VDC, .35 HP
Doors for after battery berthing (2)
Emergency Ration Boxes (20)
Emergency Ascent Line Spools (2)
Small Fryolator w/basket (deep fat fryer), 220VDC. (1)
Glass Holder (12)
Tooling for original Sebastian 14" lathe
Lead Ballast (60 Tons)
Low Pressure Air Blower - 10 lb. air, 90 H.P. - Portsmouth type - Roots Connersville Blower Co. (1)
Mae West Jacket (inflatable) Vest-Life Preserver, Type B-4 (2)
Marker Buoy (for exhibit) (1)
Mattress, crew berth size, approx. 73" x 24" x 4" (8 immediate, 8+ future)
Mixer, Hobart A120, 240 VDC model. We are also missing, 9" Vegetable slicer attachment with regular hopper. Tubular hoper with feed stick, 5/64" shredder rotor, 3/16" shredder rotor, french fry rotor. No. 12 chopper attachment, 1/8" chopper plate, 3/16" chopper plate, 1/4" chopper plate, 3/8" chopper plate, knives 7996.
Momsen Lungs (1)
Periscope Eye Cups for Type 2 Submarine Periscope (2 sets)
Periscope handles for Type 2 periscope (1 set)
Propellers 4 Blade, 7'9" with nut covers (1 each)
Range Fiddles (2)
Small safe (1)
Signal Light (1)
Singer Sewing Machine Type "M" Gen. Stores Stock No. 66M977 Portable (1)
Sliding Rack (berth) for torpedo rooms (3)
Strongback with support for sliding racks in aft torpedo room, the center support. (1)
Valves and Handles (see list)
Water Fountain (bubbler) (1)
Water heater, 15 gal (2)
Water pump, electric auxiliary pumps for main engines(3)
Misc small lockers for personnel cleaning gear in head and torpedo rooms
Medical Instrument Sterilizer, 13" x 5" x 3" 110 V, AC-DC
Typewriter, Remington special telegraph (communications mill has 1 and 0)


Alarm Flasher for Main Gyrocompass, (Visual type) Arma (1)
Any spare parts for Arma Mark 7 Gyrocompass (1)
Any spare parts for Arma Gyro Setting Indicator Regulator Unit Mark I (1)
Any spare parts for Arma Mark 9, Mod 2 Gyrocompass (1)
Any spare parts for Arma Mark V Dead Reckoning Analyzer. (1)
Any spare parts for Arma Dead Reckoning Tracer, Class 3, Mk 7, Mod 1 (1)
Any spare parts for Bendix (Friez Inst. Div.) Pit Log
Any spare parts for Bendix (Friez Inst. Div.) Log Speed Transmitter
Any spare parts for Shaft Revolution Indicator System, Electric Tachometer Corp (Type T-3 transmitter, Frequency Control Unit Type 4, Rotary Converter RL-152)
Any spare parts for Motor Speed Indicator, Henschel Corp., Amesbury, MA
Battery Compartment Details (1 set)
Battle Lantern - 1940s U.S. Navy Type (12)
Depth Charge Direction Indicator Unit from Conning Tower (D.C.D.I.), F.W. Sickles Co. (1)
Depth Charge Range Estimator Unit from Conning Tower (D.C.R.E., NC-116) (1)
Electric Heaters - 2 and 4 Kilowatts - Chromalox, Type B, Sub 400 - Edwin Wiegand Co. (5)
Electron Tubes (see list)
Flashlights - 1940s U.S. Navy Type (35)
Gooseneck Microphone Type M1-24102 (5)
IFF switches and boxes associated with BN and ABK-1 (see list)
JT or BQR-3 Sonar Underwater Listening System  (see list)
Misc. Electrical: clear 4" pressure proof globes, light sockets (lampholders) with switch type F-8428, fuses, cylindrical clear emergency light lenses, small junction boxes, switch and receptacle boxes, screw in fuse panel sockets type L-1, various switch handles, spare parts for engine cooling water alarms & knobs of various types.
Motor Controller, 250 VDC, Portsmouth Plan 30324 (1)
Panel Meters , mostly GE Type DB-12 (see list)
Records, a couple of V-disks or other wartime entertainment records.  Any Sonar training records.
Reading Lamp. (5)
SCR-624B accessories. Radio handset 51081 (x2), wire type handset cradle (1), plugs to match 4 pin jack shown here (x2)
Shear valve BuShips drawing SS-S6700-468701 (1)
Submarine Mount VHF Antenna (1)
Tachometer Magneto, Type C4, 200 ohms, 6 volts per 1000 RPM, Weston (for FM engines) (4)
TBL radio transmitter keying relay cover screw, side panel screws (12), and one 5 plug to match jack shown here in the conning tower, a cable for the TBL handset for the conning tower.
Any parts for a WCA Sonar. Or anything except the training mechanism from its surface ship version QCS, QCS1, QCT, QCT1, QCQ1, QCR1.
Test Equipment
3" Oscilloscope, Dumont #168 (1)
C and R Bridge, Type 60007 (1)
OE-8 Radio Analyzer Equipment (1)
OZ-1 Tube Tester, Hickock (1)
TS-295/UP Frequency power meter for SV Radar (1)
Volt-Ominst, Hickock 202 (1)

All Weapons for Display Only:

20 mm Anti-Aircraft Gun Cartridge Bag (4)
20 mm Anti-Aircraft Oerlikon Cannon Drill Shells - any quantity
20 mm Anti-Aircraft Gun Sights, Marks 2, 4, 4 mod. 1 and 5 (4)
Sight Telescope Mark 90, or 91 Waterproof Binoculars (1), reticle lights (3)
5 inch 25 cal Drill Shells - any quantity
5 inch 25 cal missing parts
40 mm Bofors Army single, manual, M3 Mount seats x2, Bofors wish photos
40 mm Bofors sites (one set), Bofors wish photos
40 mm Bofors handles and handle cranks (x4 two guns), Bofors wish photos
40 mm Bofors rear shield assembly (x2), Bofors wish photos
40 mm Bofors rod spring, B198369. Free length 9-1/4" to 9-3/4", 209 to 297 lb at 6-1/8", Bofors wish photos
40 mm Bofors Gun Drill Shells and Clips- any quantity
Racks for 20 mm, 40 mm, and 5" shells from magazine and ready access lockers on deck.
Mark 108 Demolition Outfit. - DEMILITARIZED
Mine Mark 10, Mine Mk 12 (1 each)
Pyrotechnic Pistol AN-M8
Dummy Submarine Emergency Identification Signal Star, Mk 2 Mod 2 and Mk 3 Mod 0
Dummy Submarine Float Signal, Mk 1 Mod 1
Dummy Submarine Identification Flares (we have a list)
Torpedo air flask charger (1)
Tool/Wrench Set for Mark 14, Mark 18, Mark 27 and Mark 28 Torpedoes, Mark 10 Mine (1 each)
Torpedo Lashing Straps  (13)
Torpedo Warhead, for Mark 14 or 18 Torpedo  - DEMILITARIZED, training and exercise heads OK (5)
Torpedo Warhead Exploder Mechanism, Mark 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 - DEMILITARIZED (2)
Torpedo - Mk 28 (1)
Torpedo - Mark 27, "Cutie" (1)
Torpedo Loading Tray (Skid), Portsmouth Style (2)
Torpedo Tube Inspection Roller Cart (1)

Original Manuals or Photocopies (we have nothing):

Trim Pump, Gardner-Denver Co., 100 GPM, 93.8 RPM, Horizontal Duplex, Single Acting, Horizontal Drive
Ball Recording Sextant Mark I
Bendix Bearing and Range Indicator Mk 4 & Mk 8 & Mk 10 & Mk 12
Benne Machine Co. Bearing and Range Indicator Mk 4 & Mk 8 & Mk 10 & Mk 12
Bendix (Friez Inst. Div.) Pit Log
Clock, Mark I Deck Clock, Seth Thomas Type
Cutler-Hammer Motor Controllers
DB-12 Panel Meters, General Electric
Depth Charge Direction Indicator (DCDI), Sickles Model NL-116 Underwater Sound Equipment.
Depth Charge Range Estimator (DCRE), Sickles
Drill Press, Cincinnati Electric Tool Co., Type C-Size 7/8 inch, 250 VDC, .35 HP
Motor Speed Indicator, Henschel Corp., Amesbury, MA
Hydrogen Detector Type N.H.D., No. 3, Cities Service Oil Co., Hillside, NJ
BQR-3 sonic receiver. This is the postwar version of the JT.
List Of Blue Prints For Radio Department
Loudspeaker Amplifier Type 49131, NAVSHIPS 91202
Voltage Regulating Rheostat, Westinghouse, Style 1305138, 7-S97600
List of Ordnance Publications (Torpedoes, Guns, Fire Control Manuals)
Ship Board Electronic Equipment NAVPERS 10794
Ships 232A - Servicing IFF Mark III equipment with TS-182/UP Test Set (NavShips 900,104).
Submarine Mine Mk 10, and Mk 12
Submarine Mobile Mine Mk 27
Torpedo Torpedo Mk 27, Torpedo Mk 28
Test Equipment:
3" Oscilloscope, Dumont #168
C and R Bridge, Type 60007, NAVSHIPS 900,628
OAP-1 Wavemeter-oscillator, we have acquired a replacement.
OE-8 Radio Analyzer Equipment
OW-60ABM SJ Radar Wavemeter, we have acquired a replacement
OZ-1 Tube Tester
TS-182/UP Test Set for Mark III IFF equipment
TS-295/UP Frequency power meter for SV Radar
Volt-Ominst, Hickock 202

Original Manuals (we have a copy):

Any original manuals for equipment found on board WW II submarines.
Operations and maintenance manuals.
Standard Submarine Organization and Regulations
1MC/7MC Battle Announcing System, RCA Corporation, NX-SS-25039, Amplifier MI-2758, Serial 1004.
Bathythermyograph CBT40131
Course Clock Mark II, Seth Thomas
Dead Reckoning Tracer (DRT) Charts from WW II
Electric Tachometer Corp, Shaft Revolution Indicator System, Type M1-6
Electric Tachometer Corp, Pitometer Log Constant Frequency Generator Type RL-152,
Electric Tachometer Corp, Constant Frequency Control Unit, Type 4
JT sonic receiver (NavShips 900,424) sonar
List of Ordnance Publications (Torpedoes, Guns, Fire Control Manuals)
List of NAVPERS training manuals.
LM-18 Frequency Meter
Oil Purifier, 450 GPH, M-95-35-18B-2, Sharples Corp.
RAK-6, RAL-6 Radio Receivers
SJ-1 radar ( Eng. 188, Ships 258)
Speech Input Equipment CRV-500644
SV radar (Ships 340)
Torpedo Mk 14, 18
US Navy Filing Manual, anywhere from 1941-1950.
WCA underwater sound comm. (NavShips 900,045)


Anvil hardies, anvil sets, (bending, cutting, sheet metal stakes) for 1" square hardie hole.
Air compressor, 2,000 psi, 480 three phase, 30-50 amp.
Air tools: Air drill, 5/8", reversible, variable speed
Axial ventilation fan with hose (red devil blower or equivalent).
Bench blocks
Electrical for 220, 3-phase, corrosion resistant:
  x3 plug L15-30
  x1 connector L15-30
  x1 receptical with cover L15-30
  x1 box with feed through for receptical above, wall mount.
Fork lift, LPG, approx. 4,000+ lbs, 170"+ lift, 42"+ forks, side shift, solid or air tires
Lathe: set of 5/8" or 3/4" or 1" indexable turning, facing, threading tools with some inserts
Lathe: 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 1 inch indexable boring bar set with some inserts
Lathe: Carbide Inserts for existing tools. We are flexible on nose radius, finish grade, coatings. Will be used on mild steel and some 300 and 400 series stainless on a manual engine lathe or mill boring adapter.
  ATPG 541 (for Aloris AT15 turning tool)
  DPGB 2151 (for Mesa 10-1135 turning tool)
  GTN-4P (for Aloris SGIH 26-26-B7 parting tool)
  MT-3-TR, MT-3-TL (for Mesa 40-3261 threading tool)
  TCMT 2151 (for Mesa 10-1135, and Shars 3/8" turning tools)
  TCMT 2152 (for Shars 3/8" turning tool)
  TCMT 3252 (for B52 fly cutter)
  TCMT 1212 1C6T, ISO 06T104(for Allied TA-03121437B boring bar)
  TPGT 2151 1C6T, ISO 110204 (for Allied TA-05002187B boring bar)
  TPGB 321 (for Mesa boring)
  WCMT-020104 C6T, ISO 020104 (for Allied TA-02501062B boring bar)
  TP43 (for Kennametal KTCMP-164C turning tool)
  CPG-422 (for Valenite MCLPR-16-5 turning tool)
Lathe: clamp type lathe dogs
Lathe: some expanding 5C collets, step collets
Lathe: BXA compatible toolholders. Esp. a BXA-5C collet holder, Dorian D30BXA-2 or other 1" BXA tool holder.
Lathe: CXA toolpost and toolholder set (we have BXA and it is a bit light for the 7.5 HP 15" lathe
Lathe: LeBlond Regal 15" follow rest. (2.906" centers on mounting holes, .478" slots for mounting screws, 6.781" center mounting hole to lathe turning center, 2.125" offset towards headstock of center of fingers from mounting face.) We have a LeBlond Regal 13" follow rest we could trade
Lathe: LeBlond Regal Gear H: 64T gear for 27 T.P.I. 55T, 56T, 63T and 64T for metric.
Lathe: some starter mandrels for work holding
Lathe: 3-jaw, 8" or 10", D1-6 mount chuck, true set, two part jaws
Lathe: Service kits for older Jacobs 18N 3/4" drill chuck U18 02515, and older Jacobs 6A 1/2" chuck U6 33420.
Lathe: Accessories and parts for Dumore 5-021 toolpost grinder, 572-0008 wheel guard assembly with screw, 571-0006 Belt guard, 5-110 Diamond Dresser, 802-0024 Insert Spindle, 423-0015 Mounted Point Spindle Insert, 423-0008 Internal Spindle Insert, 3-3/8", 423-0004 External Spindle Insert, belts, filter pad, starter set of grinding wheels.
Measurement: Standards to test/calibrate 3", 4" micrometers
Measurement: 24" digital caliper with case
Measurement: Gauge block set (grade B, 3, AS-1 for workshop use)
Measurement: Dial indicator hole attachment (670B/645F or equivalent)
Measurement: Steel calibration step block for use with ultrasonic thickness gauge
Measurement: 4-5" micrometer
Measurement: Tramming ring for mill table
Measurement: Two dial fast tramming tool (We have an indicator, but this would be nice.)
Measurement: Touch off gage/Z-axis setter (We have paper, but this would be nice.)
Metal fab: Two door, locking, 36x72x24, locking, storage cabinet for tooling
Metal fab: Drill press, gear head, 1.5hp or so.
Metal fab: Bender, Hossfeld #2 Bender, or American Bender #560 with assortment of dies
Metal fab: Bead roller for sheet metal with dies for rolled edges
Metal fab: Portable machine guard, three or four panel free standing screen to protect against coolant and chips
Mill Tooling: manual rotary table (horizontal/vertical, 10"). Three or four jaw chuck, chuck adapter plate, and tailstock (index plates if the type that can use them.)
Mill Tooling: slot/keyset cutter set 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/16", 1/8", 5/32"
Mill Tooling: set of common size counterbores
Mill Tooling: carbide insert facing mill/shell mill on R8 arbor
Mill Tooling: set of common size spotfacing bits
Mill Tooling: stock set of HSS end mills, and ball mills, for general purpose use to save the solid carbide for when they are needed.
Mill Tooling: multi-axis stop for vice, toolmakers parallel clamps
Mill Tooling: long draw bar for use with Bridgeport horizontal milling adapter (HQT 1027, Bridgeport 2183921).
Mill Tooling: dividing head with chuck and centers
Mill Tooling: Bridgeport shaper/slotting (Series E) attachment (we have hand broaches, this would be luxury)
Mill Tooling: CNC conversion for mill, i.e. Acu-Rite MILLPWR G2, Centroid (we are doing our drawings in CAD...)
Nut splitter set
Paint, Marine Coatings. 40 gallons per year. Approximately 300 gallons for drydock.
Paint sprayer, small volume (2 quart), epoxy coatings, cleaning tub, accessories.
Portable diesel powered 3" water pump. P-100, P-250 or equivalent for dewatering. Suction line, foot valve.
Powder coating gun, cup hopper type system for small jobs
Round hand punches (new, sharp) 1/8 - 1-1/4 set
Shore power Isolation Transformer, 100 amp (85-118 KVA), 480 VAC, 3 phase delta primary, 480 VAC, 3 phase Wye secondary, 60 Hz, NEMA 3R indoor floor mount, dry type, air cooled. Shield between windings, and high efficiency would be a plus.
Shore power high resistance ground fault system for 480 VAC, 3 phase, 100 amp system.
Thread- Fractional tap and die set, NC #4 through 3/4" and NF #10 through 3/4"
Thread- Insert thread repair kit
Welding, two free standing welding curtains (for both welding and machine shop)
Welding, AC/DC TIG welder with HF start, pulse, for smaller projects.
Welding, platen screw clamps, bolts, cutting pyramids for 1.71" square hole
Welding, carbon air-arc torch with cable and rods
Welding, TIG inert gas dual regulator/flowmeter (shielding and back purge)
Wire, 2/4 W Portable Power Cable, 100 amp, 480V, 3p+g, 80 foot, oil, UV, salt water safe for shore power SOOW
Wire, 6 THHN conduit wire, 50 amp, 480 V, 150 foot each of red, black, white, green
Wire, 10 THHN conduit wire, 30 amp, 100 foot each of red, black, white, green Wire, Armored Cable 14-2 conductor, 12-2 conductor, 10-2 conductor, (500 foot each) 14-15 conductor (250 foot)

Major Project Funding & Support

Drydocking (approx. $500,000-800,000)
Deck repair (approx. $50,000)
Painting above water line superstructure (approx. $30,000)
Brow replacement design, fabrication and installation ($50,000)
5" gun foundation aft ($50,000)
Shore side interpretive and sales center (approx. $100,000)
Translation/production of audio tour in three languages (approx. $50,000)
Education program scholarships (approx. $50,000)
Shore side museum (approx. $2-3 million)

If you can help Pampanito, please contact us: Email: mail form
USA Telephone: 415-775-1943
USA Facsimile: 415-441-0365

We are very thankful to the many who have helped us find equipment and documentation needed for the restoration of Pampanito.


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