USS R-12 (SS-89)

Lost June 12, 1943

ss89 profile drawing

LT A. G. D. Almeida
EM3 General William Bacon
F2 Robert Burton Bronson
SM1 James Joseph Buckley
ENS Frederick Edward Cashell
SMC Howard Livingston Clayton
LT J. L. DeMoura
F1 Raymond Francis Flisher
S2 Lenard Earl Garbulsky
GM1 Frederick Patrick, Jr. Graziani
EM3 Joseph Cyril, Jr. Hall
RMC Elmer Larry, Jr. Harman
LTjg James Ulysses Horton
TM1 Joseph Stephen Horvath
S2 Howard Herbert Knapp
MoMMC Everett Samuel Krigbaum
MoMM2 Leland Van, Jr. Kymer
S1 Charles Buddy LeVan (AKA Le Van, Charles Buddy)
TM3 Henry Peter Lobeck
TM3 Curtis Virgle Mathis
EM1 Paul Ralph McKibben
MM1 Joseph Moncada
F2 Albert Jackson Mullis
S2 George William Ness
S2 Paul Louis Noonan
EM3 John Henry Rabbitt
MM2 Edward John Rafferty
F1 Lyle Edmund Schnake
F2 Craig R. Scott
RM2 Howard Russell Secor
F3 Harry Henry Shellenberger
S2 Granby Solomon Smith
LT (XO) Roger Norton Starks
RM3 Donald Charles Sullivan
S2 Rudolph Albert, Jr. Thompson
LT(jg) James Donald Unger
MoMM2 Ernest William Vincent
MoMM1 Norman William Walker
MoMM2 Edwin Francis Walsh
SC3 Kenneth John Wheeler
STM2 Willie Daniel Young
F3 George Arthur Zimmerman

Shortly after noon on 12 June 1943 while underway to conduct a torpedo practice approach, R-12 sounded her last diving alarm. As she completed preparations to dive the forward battery compartment began to flood. The collision alarm was sounded. Orders were given to blow main ballast and close the hatches. But the sea was faster. In about 15 seconds R-12 sank, taking her 42 officers and men, including two Brazilian observers. R-12 was officially struck from the Navy list 6 July 1943.

One location given as 24 24'30"N 81 28'30"W

In 2011 a dive team has reported locating and photographing the wreck. The wreck reportedly lies in 600 feet of water off Key West.


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