USS Pampanito

Historic Photographs

This page contains a selection of historic photographs of Pampanito and her crew. The see the full sized image click on the thumbnail image above the caption.

Photo of subs in the yard start to get their shape.
Pampanito and Picuda have their first sections lowered into position in the construction basin at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard March 15, 1943. (269k)

Photo of the officers before the conning tower.
Pampanito's officers at commissioning at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, November 6, 1943. From left to right they are; Machinist James Heist, Lt. C. Grommet, Lt. W. McClaskey, Jr., LtCdr. C. Jackson, Jr., LtCdr P. Summers, Lt. L. Davis and Lt. F. Fives. (279k)

Photo of the crew at the party.
Pampanito crew at their commissioning party November 6, 1943. (343k)

Crew with beards in working clothes around the 4 inch gun
Pampanito crew gathered around the four inch gun during a refit following the first war patrol. (144k)

Photo of Pampanito during sea trials 1945.
Pampanito on sea trials of Hunters Point Naval Shipyard taken during the Spring of 1945. (122k)

Photo of survivors on a raft being hauled aboard.
Photograph taken September 15, 1944 as the survivors of the Rakuyo Maru are rescued and taken aboard Pampanito. Photo by Paul Pappas (231k)

Survivors being lowered below.
Once aboard Pampanito the rescued POWs were cleaned up, lowered below and cared for during the four day trip to Saipan. Photo by Paul Pappas (242k)

Photo of Bob Bennet and Paul Pappa in the aft torpedo room.
Pampanito torpedoman Bob Bennett (left) and electrician Paul Pappas in the after torpedo room. (175k)

Pampanito ship's cook Joe Eichner (right) and electrician Duncan Brown climbing the crews mess ladder.
Pampanito ship's cook Joe Eichner (right) and electrician Duncan Brown at the hatch in the crew's mess. (266k)

Pampanito's crew gathers around the battle flag
Pampanito's crew gathers around the battle flag at the submarine's decommissioning party, December 15, 1945. (261k)


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