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Here's your opportunity to get a first-hand look at one of the once-secret naval vessels that helped to win World War II; The USS Pampanito (SS-383). The Pampanito is a World War II fleet submarine and provides an excellent field trip experience for classes exploring the history of World War II or for other educational groups seeking an out-of-the-ordinary experience. As one of the last surviving submarines from America's World War II fleet, the USS Pampanito provides a unique opportunity to bring alive the history most students can only read about. (More about the Pampanito.)

For educational groups we offer a special admission rate of $5.00 per child and $10.00* per adult to tour the USS Pampanito. Children under age 6 are always free. Located centrally at San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf, a trip to the USS Pampanito places you nearby many other world-famous attractions to help you round out your day.

By using one of our educational based tour options your group can walk the deck and tour the interior of an actual submarine while learning about the important role played by the "Silent Service." Your tour will describe the difficult conditions under which the crews of these vessels toiled while you learn about the basic principles of submarine operation.

Jr. Submariner Qualification Activity Booklet: Experience the submarine in a whole new light as the “Jr. Qual Book” guides you through the history of the USS Pampanito and her crew. Explore each room of the World War II submarine and learn how she operated through a series of activities ranging from scavenger hunts, word association, multiple choice, crosswords and critical thinking questions.

  • Estimated time: 40 minutes
  • Meets CA State History and Social Studies Content Standards: Yes (K – 8th)

Audio Tour:  Our self-guided audio tour units will narrate your visit through the USS Pampanito, explaining the complicated equipment and offering first-hand accounts from the original crew of what life was like while serving during World War II and the hardships they endured during their service (a podcast of the audio tour may be downloaded for free here). The audio tour can be taken alone or used along with any of the Standards-based worksheets (see below).

  • Estimated Time: 40 minutes
  • Meets CA State History Standards: Yes

CA State Standards-Based Worksheets:  These grade specific worksheets are designed to help students gain a better knowledge of the USS Pampanito, her crew, and what life was like while serving onboard during World War II.  Students will follow along with the self-guided audio tour (available as a free download here) and be tasked with pulling out the information necessary to answer each question.  Worksheets must be downloaded and printed out prior to your arrival.  Answer sheets are available upon request.

  • Estimated Time: 60 minutes (with audio tour)
  • Meets CA State History, Social Studies, and Critical Thinking content Standards: Yes (1st – 10th)

Grades 1 – 2: download grades 1-2, pdf Download [PDF]

Grades 3 – 5: download grades 3-5, pdf Download [PDF]

Grades 6 – 8: download grades 6-8, pdf Download [PDF]

Grades 9–10: download grades 9-10, pdf Download [PDF]

Pier Side Activities Mini-Booklet (all ages)

For more information or to make reservations, please contact Education Coordinator, Alice Watts via email, or call (415) 561-6662 x 1004

* Additional fees may apply. Please contact the USS Pampanito for more information.


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