Transmission Lines Waveguides and Fittings, NAVSHIPS 900,081, 1945, describes radio and radar transmission lines, cables and waveguides aboard ship.

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Richard Pekelney

NAVSHIPS 900,081

Authority NND 979382
By CB NARA Date 3-17-11


Washington 25, D. C., 20 February, 1945.

1. "Installation and Maintenance of Transmission Lines, Waveguides, and Fittings" (NAVSHIPS 900, 081), has been published as a reference book. Much of the material has appeared in other publications, but is gathered here under one cover for convenience. Much credit is due to installing activities for the basic work from which standard practices were developed.

2. The effectiveness of this publication depends upon the cooperation of the forces afloat and ashore in adhering to the principles presented and in providing an adequate number of copies to the personnel directly engaged in installation, maintenance, and training duties. Although this publication is classified restricted, the widest circulation is necessary to achieve this purpose.

3. Permission is granted to republish or reprint any material in this book in classified instruction books or maintenance manuals prepared for the armed forces.

J. B. DOW,
Captain, USN.


Letter of Transmittal iii
Table of Contents v
Chapter I-Introduction
What is this Publication for? 1
What are transmission lines, waveguides, and fittings ? 1
General characteristics 3
Chapter II-Concentric Dead Supported Lines
General 5
High temperature and mechanical protection 5
Storage and transportation 5
Testing 6
Leaks 6
Faulty operation 6
Soldering 6
Installation instructions for gas filled coaxial transmission line 6
Looking for leaks in coaxial cable 19
Chapter III-Stub-Supported Lines
Hints on handling during installation 23
Connecting stub angles 24
Passing through decks and bulkheads 24
Hangers 24
Testing the line 24
Voltage ratings for stub-supported lines 24
Storage 26
Heat 26
Transportation 26
Chapter IV-Solid Dielectric Coaxial Cables
Introduction 27
Precautions necessary with solid dielectric coaxial cables 28
Precautions in general 29
Storage of solid dielectric coaxial cables 30
Testing of solid dielectric coaxial cables 31
Obsolete solid dielectric cables 32
Technical summary of solid dielectric cables 33
Method of determining the power-temperature characteristics of cables 41
Passing through stuffing tubes 44
Splices for flexible solid dielectric cables 45
Instructions for splicing RG-8/U, RG-10/U, RG-11/U, RG-12/U, RG-17/U, RG-18/U, RG-19/U, and RG-20/U cable 46
Chapter V-Waveguides
Introduction 53
Storage and transportation 53
General notes 53
Planning the waveguide installation 54
Waveguide fabrication 57
Installation procedure 69
Repair of installed waveguide 72
General notes 72
Flexible waveguides 72

Chapter VI-Pulse Cables for High Voltage Use
Description 76
Storage and transportation 77
Testing 77
Connectors 78
Installation 79
Shielding of R. F. cables 79
The RG-25/U cable 80
The RG-26/U cable 83
The RG-25A/U and RG-26A cables 83
The RG-28/U cable 83
The RG-27/U cable 85
The RG-74/U cable 87
Chapter VII-Fittings and Adapters
Cross Index of old Navy Numbers and the new Army-Navy UG-/U system 89
Type N connectors (50 ohms) 91
  Data table 91
Type N connectors (70 ohms) 93
  Data table 93
  Assembly of UG-21/U, or UG-22/U to RG-8/U, RG-10/U 96
  Assembly of UG-23/U Jack to RG-8/U or RG-10/U cable 97
  Assembly of Type 49483A plug on RG-17/U and RG-18/U cables for use with UG-22/U and UG-23/U jacks 98
Type BN connector 99
  Data table 99
  Assembly of UG-114/U and UG-115/U jacks to RG-58/U, RG-59/U, RG-62/U, and RG-71 /U cable 101
  Assembly of UG-85/U plug to RG-58/U, RG-59/U, RG-62/U, and RG-71/U cable 102
Type BNC connectors 103
  Data table 103
  Assembly of BNC connectors to RG-58/U cable 105
Type LN connectors 106
  Data table 106
Type HN connectors 108
  Data table 108
  Assembly of UG-59/U plug and UG-60/U jack to RG-8/U cable 110
Large size connectors (low voltage types) 111
  Data table 111
  Assembly of type 49550 plug, 49579, and 49580 jacks to type RG-17/U or RG-18/U cable 113
Large size connectors (high voltage types) 114
  Data table 114
  Assembly of UG-154/U plug to Type RG-18/U cable 116
Klystron connectors and adapters 117
  Data table 117
UHF (Ultra High Frequency) connectors 119
  Data table 119
Twin UHF connectors 121
  Assembly of Type 49193, 49194, and 49195 connectors to RG-8/U, RG-10/U, RG-11/U, and RG-12/U cable 125
British connectors 126
  Data table 126
  Assembly of British type connectors and cable 130
Navy Receiver Network cable connectors 132
  Data table 132
Receiver Network assembly 135
Western Electric Holmdel 141
  Data Table 141
Jones and Cannon miscellaneous connectors 143
  Data table 143
  Assembly of Jones plug to RG-12/U cable 145
Adapters-Cable to coaxial lines 146
  Assembly of Type 49531 and 49532 to RG-18/U cable 150

Assembly of Type 49577 Adapter to RG-35/U cable 151
Assembly of 7/8" coax line to RG-8/U and RG-10/U cable using Type 49197 adapter 152
Assembly of 1 5/8" coax its to RG-18/U cable using Type 49529 adapter 153
Assembly of UG-32/U and UG-33/U end seals to 7/8" coaxial line 154
Waveguide couplings and adapters 155
  Data table 155
Pulse connectors, ceramic insert type 160
  Data table 160
Pulse connectors, rubber insert type 161
  Data table 161
  Assembly of UG-180/U, UG-229/U, UG-182/U, and UG-228/U to RG-77/U, RG-78/U, RG-25A/U, and RG-26A/U cables 164
Miscellaneous assemblies 165
  Amphenol 93 Series-Method of assembly to RG-8/U, RG-10/U, RG-11/U, and RG-12/U 165
  Assembly procedure for coaxial cable connector in SO 166
  Assembly procedure for special terminal tube (early type) 167
  Assembly procedure for special terminal tube (later type) 168
Chapter VIII-Corrosion
Flexible solid dielectric coaxial cables and connectors 169
Waveguides, rigid lines, and fittings 170
Some general statements 170
Chart 171
Chapter IX-Preventative Maintenance
Flexible cables and connectors 172
Rubber and pulse cables and connectors 173
Waveguides 173
Parallel wire open lines 174
Concentric lines (bead and stub supported) 174
Chapter X-Hints and Aids
Soldering 175
Splicing of 3/8" coaxial line 177
Dow-Corming compound #4 177
Combing armor 179
RG-12/U cable on SL radar 180
Template for cable assembly 180
Simplification of assembly method for 49121 plug 180
Heated stripper 180
Chapter XI- Emergency Operations
Emergency tool kit 183
Solid dielectric coaxial cables 183
Pulse cables 183
Bead supported 1 5/8" "Coax." 184
Repairing waveguides 185
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