Visual Call Sign Book, DNC 4(A), 1945, is a U.S. Navy list of visual (as compared to radio) call signs used during WW II.

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Richard Pekelney


Restricted DNC (A)
U.S. Navy
Visual Call Sign Book



Section Page
Title page, Promulgation, Changes I
1. General Instructions 1
2. Collective and Commander Call Signs:
Sections, Divisions, Squadrons, or Groups (landing craft only) and Flotillas 5
Ship Groups 5
Special Collective and Commander Call Signs 5
Miscellaneous Organizations 5
Type Letters 6
Table 1. Type Letters and Indicators 6
Table 2. Miscellaneous Organizations 7
3. Aircraft Call Signs:
Sections, Divisions, Squadrons, Wings, Planes and Airships 11
Ship Aircraft Groups 13
4. Task Organizations 13
5. Ship Call Signs:
a. Alphabetically by ship's names (Navy) 17
b. Alphabetically by ship's names (C.G.) 47
c. Alphabetically by ship's names (Allied Ships) 51
d. Alphabetically by class symbols) 53
e. Alphabetically by call signs (including Navy and Coast Guard vessels) 111
6. Shore Signal Stations, HECP, and Ship's Boats 151

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