Basic Fire Control Mechanisms, OP 1140, 1944, describes the mechanical computing elements used in U.S. Navy fire control systems. These components are the building blocks of some of the most successful analog mechanical computers ever built.

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Richard Pekelney

OP 1140
Basic Fire Control Mechanisms
A Bureau of Ordnance Publication - September 1944


Quick Reference Index
Section 1-Basic Information
Pages Title-36
op1140-1.pdf (5.4 MB PDF)
Section 2-Mechanical Units Pages 37-168
op1140-2.pdf (17.4 MB PDF)
Section 3-Electromechanical Units Pages 169-298
op1140-3.pdf (8 MB PDF)
Section 4-Summary: A Simplified Network
Section 5-Technical Appendix
Section 6-Arma Mechanisms
Section 7-Linkage Mechanisms
Pages 299-424
op1140-4.pdf (17.8 MB PDF)
Section 8-Alphabetical Index to Pages 1-372 Pages 425-433
op1140-5.pdf (1.3 MB PDF)
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