These booklets were used in training how to identify ships, aircraft, etc. Both for the operating and intelligence purposes.

We thank History on CD ROM for providing the scans used to create these online versions for non-profit use.

Allied and Axis Naval Vessel Pictorial Recognition Manual, FM 30-50/NAVAER 00-80V-57, SUP 1, 1943-1944.

German and Japanese Submarines and Equipment, ONI 220, 1944.

The Japanese Navy, ONI 222-J, 1945.

Merchant Ship Recognition Manual and Raider Supplement, ONI 208, 1942. Both merchant and naval raiders.

Japanese Merchant Vessels, ONI 208-J, 1944.

Far-Eastern Small Craft, ONI 208-J, Sup 2, and Sup 3, 1945.

Arial Views of Japanese Naval Vessels, ONI 41-42, SUP 1, 1943.

Allied and Axis Aircraft Pictorial Recognition Manual, FM 30-30/BUAER 3, SUP 1-4, 1943-1946. Aircraft recognition silhouettes and photos.

Aircraft Identification From Photographic Interpretation Handbook. Overhead aircraft recognition silhouettes. P.I.U. Anacostia.

Armored Vehicle Pictorial Recognition, 1943. Recognition handbook of tanks and other armored vehicles.

ONI Publication No. 32: (April 1918) German Submarines in Question and Answer -plus- ONI Publication No. 38:( July 1918) Illustrations of Submarines, Torpedoes and Mines WWI500.PDF 24 MB
Silhouettes of Allied and Enemy Airplanes (1918) WWI300.PDF 27 MB
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