Catalogue of Electronic Equipment,-NavShips 900,116, 1952, is a Navy catalog of electronics that includes almost all the WW II equipment and some of the earliest Cold War equipment.

The Navy stopped issuing fresh list of Effective Pages with the 2nd update. For this online version of the 5th update we have replaced the incomplete Navy supplied list of Effective Pages with a Table of Contents that matches the pages as found in the print copy. This Table of Contents is easily searched within a browser.

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Richard Pekelney


Security Information
Catalogue of
NavShips 900,116-Supplement No. 5
1 October 1952




This supplement contains new and/or revised pages for the "Catalogue of Naval Electronic Equipment"-NavShips 900,116. These pages should be inserted in this catalog as follows:

1. Insert the new supplement title page in place of the former supplement title page.

2. The list of effective pages will not be revised since these supplements are to be printed more frequently pending delivery of a new overall catalog of electronic equipment presently under preparation.

3. Insert alphabetically new equipments or replace pages containing revised descriptions.



All of the equipments described in this second supplement are preliminary. They are compiled and issued in advance of equipment delivery for information only. Weights and dimensions are approximate, and are not, repeat, NOT to be used for installation planning.


Table of Contents
AM-215/U AF Amplifier 0017
AM-215A/U AF Amplifier 0019
AN/ARA-25 Direction Finder Group 0023
AN/ARC-4 Radio Telephone Equipment (WE-233A) 0025
AN/CPN-3 Radar Beacon 0026
AN/ARC-27 Radio Set 0027
AN/ARN-6 Radio Compass 0033
AN/BAR-1 Infrared Detector Set 0039
AN/BEQ-1 NUPAC Monitoring Set 0043
AN/BEW-1 NUPAC System 0047
AN/BLR-1 Countermeasures Receiving Set 0053
AN/BPA-2 Antenna Group 0057
AN/BPN-1 (XN-1) Radio Beacon 0059
AN/BPS-1 Radar Set 0061
AN/BPS-2 Radar Set 0071
AN/BPS-3 Radar Set 0077
AN/BPS-4 Radar Set 0079
AN/BQA-1 Sonar Train Group 0085
AN/BQC-1 Sonar Set 0087
AN/BQN-1 Sonar Sounding Set 0091
AN/BQR-2 Sonar Receiving Set 0095
AN/BQR-3 Sonar Receiving Set 0101
AN/BQR-4 Sonar Receiving Set 0107
AN/BQR-6 Sonar Receiving Set 0109
AN/BQS-2 Scanning Sonar Equipment 0113
AN/BQS-3 Scanning Sonar Equipment 0117
AN/BSH-2 Bathythermograph 0121
AN/CPN-6 Radar Beacon 0125
AN/CPN-8 Radar Beacon 0126
AN/CRT-3 Radio Set 0127
AN/FGC-1A Transmitter Frequency Shift Keyer 0131
AN/FGC-5 Telegraph Terminal Set 0135
AN/FRR-3 Radio Teletype Receiving Equipment 0143
AN/GRC-3 through -8 Radio Sets 0147
AN/GRC-9 Radio Set 0157
AN/GRC-27 Radio Set 0161
AN/GRD-5 Direction Finder Set 0165
AN/MSG-1 Radar Set 0167
AN/PAC-1 Infrared Set 0169
AN/PAR-1 Infrared Receiving Set 0171
AN/PRC-6 Radio Set 0175
AN/PRC-8, -9, -10 Radio Set 0177
AN/PRC-14 Radio Set 0183
AN/SAC-4 Infrared Communication Set 0188
AN/SAR-4 Infrared Receiving Set 0192
AN/SGC-1 Teletype Terminal Set 0194
AN/SLA-1 Pulse Analyzer Group 0196
AN/SLT-1 Countermeasures Transmitting Set 0200
AN/SMD-1 (XN-1) Radiosonde Recepter 0214
AN/SPA-4 (XN-1) Range Azimuth Indicator 0218
AN/SPA-8 Repeater Indicator Equipment 0222
AN/SPA-9 Tracking Indicator Equipment 0224
AN/SPM-1 Target Transmitter Set 0228
AN/SPN-5 Radar Set 0234
AN/SPN-6 (XN-1) Radar Set 0238
AN/SPN-8 (XN-1) Radar Set 0244
AN/SPN-11 Radar Set 0252
AN/SPN-12 (XN-1) Radar Set 0258
AN/SPN-13 Radar Set 0264
AN/SPQ-2 Control Radar 0268
AN/SPR-1 Search Receiving Equipment 0272
AN/SPS-3 Radar Set 0274
AN/SPS-4 Radar Set 0278
AN/SPS-5 (XN-1) Radar Set 0286
AN/SPS-5A Radar Set 0294
AN/SPS-6 Radar Set 0298
AN/SPS-8 (XN-1) Height Finder Radar Set 0308
AN/SPS-10 Radar Set 0316
AN/SPS-11 Radar Set 0320
AN/SPS-12 Radar Set 0326
AN/SQA-2 Hydraulic Hoist Group 0330
AN/SQG-1 Sonar Set 0332
AN/SQG-4 Sonar Set 0336
AN/SQG-5 Sonar Set 0342
AN/SQQ-9 Sonar Beacon 0344
AN/SQQ-11 Countermeasures Sonar Set 0346
AN/SQR-1 Sonar Set 0352
AN/SQR-5 Sonar Set 0356
AN/SQS-1 Sonar Set 0358
AN/SQS-5 Sonar Set 0362
AN/SQS-10 Sonar Set 0364
AN/SRA-4 Antenna Coupler Group 0368
AN/SRD-7 Direction Finder Set 0370
AN/SRD-9 Direction Finder Set 0372
AN/SRR-4 Radio Receiving Set 0374
AN/SRR-8 Radio Receiving Set 0380
AN/SRR-11, -12, -13 Radio Receiving Sets 0382
AN/SSA Radar Distribution Switchboard 0384
AN/SSA-7 Data Distribution Group 0388
AN/SSQ-2 Listening Sonobuoy 0390
AN/SSQ-8 Stabilization Data Set 0394
AN/SSQ-11 Countermeasures Receiving Set 0396
AN/SSQ-12 Countermeasures Receiving Set 0402
AN/SSQ-14 Stabilization Data Set 0406
AN/TPS-1B Radar Set 0408
AN/TPS-13, -13A Radar Sets 0410
AN/TXC-1 Facsimile Equipment 0411
AN/ULR-1 Radar-Radio Receiving Set 0412
AN/UMQ-3 Wiresonde Set 0414
AN/UPM-4A Test Equipment 0418
AN/UPM-6A, -6B Radar Test Sets 0420
AN/UPN-7 Radar Beacon 0424
AN/UPN-11 Radar Beacon 0426
AN/UPX-1 Radar Recognition Set 0428
AN/UPX-5 Radar Recognition Set 0434
AN/UPX-8 Transponder Set 0436
AN/UPX-9 Interrogator Set 0438
AN/UQC-1 Sonar Set 0440
AN/UQN-1A Sonar Sounding Set 0444
AN/UQN-1B Sonar Sounding Set 0448
AN/UQS-1 Sonar Set 0452
AN/UQS-T1 Sonar Training Set 0458
AN/UQX-3 Sonar Identification Set 0464
AN/URA-6 Frequency Shift Converter 0470
AN/URA-8A Frequency Shift Converter 0472
AN/URA-8B Frequency Shift Converter 0474
AN/URC-7 Radio Set 0478
AN/URD-2 Direction Finder Set 0482
AN/URD-4 Direction Finder Set 0488
AN/URN-3 Radio Set 0492
AN/URN-5 Radio Beacon 0494
AN/URR-9 Radio Receiving Set 0498
AN/URR-13 Radio Receiving Set 0502
AN/URR-21 Radio Receiving Set 0506
AN/URR-22 Radio Receiving Set 0508
AN/URR-23 Radio Receiving Set 0510
AN/URR-27 Radio Receiving Set 0512
AN/URR-35 Radio Receiving Set 0514
AN/URT-2, -3, -4 Radio Transmitting Equipment 0518
AN/URT-6, -7 Transmitting Sets 0522
AN/URT-10 (XN-1) Radio Transmitting Equipment 0524
AN/VRC-8, -9, -10 Radio Sets 0528
AN/VRQ-3 Radio Set 0536
CU-255/UR Antenna Coupler 0540
CU-274/UR Antenna Coupler 0542
CU-284/UR Antenna Coupler 0544
CV-97/UX Frequency Shift Converter 0546
KY-32/GRT Frequency Shift Keyer 0548
KY-44A/FX Keyer Adapter 0550
KY-75/SRT Frequency Shift Keyer 0552
PP-86/TXC-1 Rectifier Power Unit 0556
SB-82/SRR Receiver Transfer Switchboard 0558
SB-83/SRT Transmitter Transfer Switchboard 0560
Teletype Equipment Index 0562
Commercial Type Teletype Equipment 0564
TT-7/FG Teletypewriter 0566
TT-8/FG Teletype Equipment 0568
TT-11/FG Teletypewriter 0570
TT-23/SG Radio Teletype Panel 0572
TT-42/FG, -44/FG, -45/FG, -46/FG Teletypewriter Equipments 0574
TT-43/FG, -52/FG, -57/FG Transmitter-Distributors 0576
TT-47/UG, -48/UG Teletypewriters 0578
TT-49/UG, -50/UG Teletypewriters 0580
TT-69/UG, -70/UG Teletypewriters 0582
Teletype Test Equipment, Tape Pullers and Rewinders 0584
Teletype Splicers and Distributors 0586
B SERIES - Ship and Shore IFF 0590
BK (ABK) Transponder 0592
BL-1 to BL-6 Interrogator-Responder 0594
BM (CXEM), BM-1 Mark III Interrogator-Responder 0596
BN, BN-1 CXEN Mark III IFF Interrogator-Responder 0597
BO, BO-1 CXEN Mark III IFF Interrogator-Responder 0598
D SERIES - Direction Finding and Loran 0600
DP-12, -13, -18, -19 Radio Direction-Finding Equipments 0602
DQ-5, -6 Radio Direction-Finding Equipments 0604
DAB to DAB-3 Radio Direction-Finding Equipments 0606
DAE to DAE-2 Radio Direction-Finding Equipments 0608
DAG to DAG-2 Radio Direction-Finding Equipments 0610
DAH to DAH-2 Radio Direction Finder 0612
DAJ, DAJ-2 (DAL, DAM, DAN, DAO) Radio Direction Finder 0614
DAK to DAK-4 Radio Direction Finder 0615
DAP Radio Direction Finder 0616
DAQ Radio Direction-Finding Equipment 0618
DAS, DAS-2 Radio Navigation Equipments 0621
DAS-1, DAS-3, DAS-4 Radio Direction Equipment 0622
DAU Radio Direction Finder 0624
DAV to DAV-2 Radio Direction Finder 0625
DAW-1, DAW-2 Radio Direction Finder 0626
DAX Radio Direction Finder 0627
DAY Radio Direction Finder 0628
DAZ Radio Direction Finder Equipment 0629
DBB, DBB-1 Radio Direction Finder 0631
DBD Radio Direction Finder 0632
DBE Loran Receiving Equipment 0633
DBF Radio Direction Finding Equipment 0635
DBF-1 Radio Direction-Finding Equipment 0637
DBM, DBM-1 RADAR Direction Finder 0640
DBN Radio Direction Finder 0642
DBS Loran-Receiver 0644
FO, FR, and FS SERIES 0646
FOA Facsimile Transmitter-Receiver Equipment 0648
FRA Frequency Shift Receiver Converter Equipment 0649
FRB Frequency Shift Receiver Converter Equipment 0650
FRF Frequency Shift Receiver Converter Equipment 0651
FRG Frequency Shift Receiver Converter Equipment 0653
FRH Frequency Shift Receiver Converter Equipment 0654
FSA Transmitter Frequency Shift Keyer 0656
FSB Transmitter Frequency Shift Keyer 0652
FSD Transmitter Frequency Shift Keyer 0660
FSJ Audio FM Keyer 0662
Facsimile Equipment 0664
J-Series - Sound Listening 0670
JM-4 Sono Radio Buoy Transmitting Equipment 0672
JP Sonic Listening Equipment 0674
JP-1 to JP-3 Sonic Listening Equipment 0676
JR Cable-Connected Hydrophone Equipment 0678
JT Sonic Listening Equipment 0682
L SERIES - Precision Calibrating 0684
M Series - Radio Transmitting and Receiving 0686
MN-1 to MN-3 Radio Transmitting-Receiving Equipments 0686
MQ and MQ-1 Radio Transmitting-Receiving Equipments 0690
MQ-2 Radio Transmitting-Receiving Equipments 0692
MAB, MP, MU, MV, MW, MX Radio Transmitting-Receiving Equipments 0694
MAE Radiophone Transmitting-Receiving Equipment 0696
MAE-1 Radiophone Transmitting-Receiving Equipment 0698
MAH Radiophone Transmitting-Receiving Equipment 0700
MAM Radiophone Transmitting-Receiving Equipment 0704
MAR Radiophone Transmitting-Receiving Equipment 0706
MAW Radiophone Transmitting-Receiving Equipment 0709
MBF Radiophone Transmitting-Receiving Equipment 0714
MARK SERIES - Radar Fire Control 0716
MARK 3, Mod 0, 1, 2, 3 RADAR Equipments 0718
MARK 4, Mod 0, 1, 2 RADAR Equipments 0721
MARK 8, Mod 0, 1, 2 RADAR Equipments 0723
MARK 8, Mod 3, 4 RADAR Equipments 0725
MARK 11, Mod 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 RADAR Equipments 0727
MARK 12, Mod 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 RADAR Equipments 0729
MARK 13, Mod 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 RADAR Equipments 0731
MARK 16 RADAR Equipments 0734
MARK 18, Mod 0, 1 RADAR Equipments 0735
MARK 20, Mod 0, 1 RADAR Equipments 0737
MARK 20, Mod 3 RADAR Equipments 0739
MARK 22, Mod 0 RADAR Equipments 0740
MARK 22, Mod 1 RADAR Equipments 0742
MARK 25, Mod 0, 1, 2 RADAR Equipments 0744
MARK 26, Mod 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 RADAR Equipments 0747
MARK 27, Mod 0, 1 RADAR Equipments 0749
MARK 28, Mod 0, 1, 3 RADAR Equipments 0751
MARK 28, Mod 2 RADAR Equipments 0754
MARK 29, Mod 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 RADAR Equipments 0755
MARK 32, Mod 0, 1 RADAR Equipments 0758
MARK 34, Mod 0, 3, 4, 7-13 RADAR Equipments 0759
MARK 34, Mod 1, 2, 5, 6 RADAR Equipments 0761
MARK 35, Mod 0, 1, 2 RADAR Equipments 0763
MARK 39, Mod 0, 1, 2, 3 RADAR Equipments 0765
MARK 47, Mod 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 RADAR Equipments 0768
MARK 11, Mod 0, 1 Target Designation Transmitter 0769
MARK 3, Mod 0, 1, 2 Bearing and Range Indicator 0770
NJ Echo Sounding Equipment 0784
NJ-1, NJ-2 Echo Sounding Equipment 0785
NJ-3, NJ-9 Echo Sounding Equipment 0786
NJ-4 Echo Sounding Equipment 0787
NJ-6 Echo Sounding Equipment 0788
NJ-7 Echo Sounding Equipment 0789
NJ-8 Echo Sounding Equipment 0790
NK-5 Portable Echo Sounding Equipment 0791
NK-6 Portable Echo Sounding Equipment 0793
NK-7 Portable Echo Sounding Equipment 0794
NGA Echo Sounding Equipment 0796
NMB Echo Sounding Equipment 0798
NMB-1 Echo Sounding Equipment 0800
NMC Echo Sounding Equipment 0802
NMC-1, NMB-2 Echo Sounding Equipment 0804
NGB to NGB-3 Echo Sounding Equipment 0806
O SERIES - Measuring, Test 0810
OS to OS-5 Recording Fluxmeter Equipments 0812
OBB Cable Detecting Equipment 0814
OCT Frequency Shift Monitor Unit 0816
OCT-2, -3 Monitor for FSK 0820
OKA-1 Sonar Resolving Equipment 0822
OMA Noise Level Monitoring 0826
Q SERIES - Sonar Echo Ranging-Listing 0830
QAA Portable Echo Ranging Equipment 0832
QBC-1 Herald 0834
QDB Herald 0836
QBE-3, QBE-3a, QBE-3b Echo Ranging and Listening Equipment 0838
QBF Echo Ranging and Listening Equipment 0840
QCP Herald 0842
QCP-1 Herald 0842
QCQ-2 Echo Ranging and Listening Equipment 0846
QCS, QCS-1, QCT, QCT-1 Echo Ranging and Listening Equipment 0848
QCU, QCU-1 Echo Ranging and Listening Equipment 0851
QCW, QCX, QCY, QCZ Heralds 0854
QDA Target Depth Determining Equipment 0856
QFA-3 to QFA-6 Sonar Attack Teacher 0858
QFD, QFE, QFF Bearing Teacher Equipment 0860
QFG Shipboard Sound Operator Trainer Equipment 0861
QFH Conning Teacher Equipment 0862
QFJ Herald Teacher Equipment 0863
QFK Shipboard Sound Operator Trainer Equipment 0864
QFL Tactical Range Recorder Teacher 0865
QFM Bearing Recorder Teacher 0866
QFN Advanced Listening Teacher Equipment 0867
QFO Sonar Listener Trainer Equipment 0868
QGA, QGA-1 Echo Ranging and Listening Equipment 0870
QGB Echo Ranging and Listening Equipment 0872
QHB, QHB-1 Echo Ranging and Listening Equipment 0874
QHBa Echo Ranging and Listening Equipment 0880
QJA Echo Ranging and Listening Equipment 0886
QJB Echo Ranging and Listening Equipment 0890
QLA, QLA-1 Echo Ranging Equipment 0892
QXB Sonarmic Receiver Equipment 0894
R SERIES - Radio Receiving 0900
RAA to RAA-4 Radio Receiving Equipments 0902
RAB Radio Receiving Equipments 0904
RAG, RAG-1 Radio Receiving Equipments 0310
RAH, RAH-1 Radio Receiving Equipments 0311
RAJ Radio Receiving Equipments 0906
RAK to RAK-8 Radio Receiving Equipments 0908
RAL to RAL-8 Radio Receiving Equipments 0912
Antenna Termination Modification Kit for RAK-6, RAL-6 0913
RAO Radio Receiving Equipments 0914
RAS to RAS-5 Radio Receiving Equipments 0918
I-F Modification Kit for RAS 0920
Noise Peak Limiter Kit for RAS 0920
RAW Radio Receiving Equipments 0921
RAZ, RAZ-1 Radio Receiving Equipments 0922
RBA Radio Receiving Equipments 0924
RBB and RBC Radio Receiving Equipments 0926
Crystal Adapter for RBB and RBC Series 0930
Panoramic Adapter for RBB and RBC Series 0931
RBF-1 Sono Radio Buoy Receiving Equipment 0932
RBF-3 Sono-Radio Buoy Receiving Equipment 0934
RBG Radio Receiving Equipment 0936
RBH Radio Receiving Equipment 0938
RBJ Radio Receiving Equipments 0940
RBK Radio Receiving Equipments 0942
RBL Radio Receiving Equipments 0944
RBM Semiportable Radio Receiving Equipments 0946
RBO Radio Receiving Equipments 0950
RBP, RBP-1, RCP Point-to-Point Diversity Radio Receiving Equipments 0952
RBQ Radio Receiving Equipments 0954
RBS Radio Receiving Equipments 0956
RBY Panoramic Radio Receiving Equipment 0958
RBZ Radio Receiving Equipments 0962
RCF Radio Receiving Equipment 0964
RCH Radio Receiving Equipment 0966
RCK Radio Receiving Equipment 0968
RCO Radio Receiving Equipment 0970
RCU Radio Phonograph Combination 0972
RDE Radio Receiving Equipment 0974
RDG Panoramic Search Receiving Equipment 0975
RDM Radio Diversity Communication Receiver 0976
RDO Search Receiving Equipment 0978
RDR Receiving Equipment 0980
RDZ Receiving Equipment 0982
REA Radio Receiver 0984
S Series - Search RADAR 0986
SA to SA-3 Search RADAR 0988
SC-2 to SC-5 Search RADAR 0990
SG-1, SG-2, SG-5 to SG-7 Surface Search RADAR 0992
SG-3, SG-4 Surface Search RADAR 0994
SG-6b RADAR Equipment 0996
SJ, SJa, SJ-1 Submarine Surface Search RADAR 1006
SK, SK-1M Search RADAR 1008
SK-2, SK-3 Search RADAR 1010
SL, SLa, SL-1 Surface Search RADAR 1012
SO, SOa, SO-1, SO-1a, SO-2, SO-8, SO-9, SO-13 Search RADAR 1014
SO-3, SO-4 Search RADAR 1016
SO-5 Search RADAR 1020
SO-6, SO-10 Search RADAR 1021
SO-7M/N RADAR Equipment 1022
SO-12M/N RADAR Equipment 1025
SP Fighter Director RADAR 1028
SP-1M Mobile Fighter Director RADAR 1030
SP-1Ma Mobile Fighter Director RADAR 1032
SQ, SQ-1 Portable RADAR 1034
SR Search RADAR 1036
SR-2 Search RADAR 1038
SR-3 Search RADAR 1040
SR-4 Search RADAR 1041
SR-5 Search RADAR 1042
SR-6 Search RADAR 1044
SS, SS-1 Search RADAR 1046
ST, STa, ST-1 Search RADAR 1048
SU, SU-1 Search RADAR 1050
SU-3 Search RADAR 1054
SV, SV-a, SV-1 Search RADAR 1056
SV-3 Search RADAR 1058
SW Portable Search RADAR 1070
SX, CXHR Fighter Director RADAR 1072
T SERIES - Radio Transmitting 1074
TAB-5 Radio Transmitting Equipment 1076
TAB-6, -7 Radio Transmitting Equipments 1080
TAJ-8, -11 Radio Transmitting Equipment 1084
TAQ-9 Radio Transmitting Equipment 1088
TBA-6 Radio Transmitting Equipment 1090
TBA-8, -11 Radio Transmitting Equipment 1092
TBA-9, -10 Radio Transmitting Equipment 1093
TBC-4, -5 Radio Transmitting Equipment 1095
TBK-11 Radio Transmitting Equipment 1096
TBK-13, -18, -20 Radio Transmitting Equipment 1100
TBL-4 Radio Transmitting Equipment 1102
TBL-5, -6 Radio Transmitting Equipment 1104
TBL-10, -11 Radio Transmitting Equipment 1106
TBM-5, -7, -9, -11 Radio Transmitting Equipment 1108
TBM-6, -8 Radio Transmitting Equipment 1110
TBR, TBR-1 Radio Transmitting-Receiving Equipment 1114
TBS Radio Transmitting-Receiving Equipment 1118
TBU to TBU-3 Transmitting Equipment 1122
TBU-4 Transmitting Equipment 1124
TBW, TBW-1 Radio Transmitting Equipments 1128
TBX Radio Transmitting-Receiving Equipment 1132
TBY to TBY-2 Radio Transmitting-Receiving Equipment 1134
TCA-1 Radio Transmitting Equipment 1138
TCB Radio Transmitting Equipment 1140
TCB-1, -2 Radio Transmitting Equipment 1142
TCC-1 Radio Transmitting Equipment 1144
TCC-3, -4 Radio Transmitting Equipment 1146
TDC Radio Communication Transmitting Equipment 1148
TCE-1 Radio Transmitting Equipment 1150
TCE-2 Radio Transmitting Equipment 1153
TCF Radio Transmitting Equipment 1154
TCJ Radio Transmitting Equipment 1156
TCJ-1 Radio Transmitting Equipment 1158
TCK-1, 2, 3, 5, 7 Radio Transmitting Equipment 1160
TCK-4, 6 Radio Transmitting Equipment 1162
TCM, TCN, TCU Radio Transmitting Equipment 1164
TCO Radio Transmitting Equipment 1166
TCP-1, -2 Radio Transmitting-Receiving Equipment 1168
TCR Radio Transmitting Equipment 1170
TCS to TCS-14 Radio Transmitting-Receiving Equipment 1172
TCX-RBD Radio Transmitting-Receiving Equipment 1174
TCY, TCY-1 Radio Transmitting-Receiving Equipment 1176
TCZ Radio Transmitting Equipment 1177
TDA Radio Transmitting Equipment 1180
TDD to TDD-2 Radio Transmitting Equipments 1182
TDE to TDD-3 Radio Transmitting Equipments 1184
TDF Radio Transmitting Equipments 1188
TDG-RBQ Radio Transmitting-Receiving Equipment 1190
TDH, TDH-2 Radio Transmitting-Receiving Equipment 1192
TDH-3, TDH-4 Radio Transmitting-Receiving Equipment 1194
TDO Radio Transmitting Equipments 1196
TDQ Radio Transmitting Equipments 1198
TDT Radio Transmitting Equipments 1202
TDU Radio Transmitting Equipments 1204
TDZ Radio Transmitting Equipments 1208
TEB Radio Transmitting Equipments 1212
TEC Radio Transmitting Equipments 1214
TED Radio Transmitting Equipments 1216
TED Radio Transmitting Equipments 1218
TEF Twin Channel Reduced Carrier Single Sideband Radio Transmitting Equipment 1222
TEG Development Model Radio Transmitting Equipment 1223
TEJ Development Model Radio Transmitting Equipment 1224
U SERIES - Remote Control 1226
UF Portable Telegraph Carrier Control Equipment 1228
UN Carrier Control System 1232
V SERIES - PPI Repeaters 1236
VC, VC-1 RADAR Repeater (PPI) 1238
VD to VD-2 RADAR Repeater (PPI) 1239
VE, VE-1, VE-1a RADAR Repeater (PPI) 1240
VF RADAR Repeater (PPI) 1242
VG to VG-3 Projection RADAR Repeater 1244
VH RADAR Repeater (PPI) 1245
VJ RADAR Repeater 1246
VJ, VJa Indicator Equipment 1248
VJ-1 Indicator Equipment 1245
VK RADAR Repeater 1260
VK RADAR Repeater 1262
VK-2 RADAR Repeater 1266
VK-3 RADAR Repeater 1271
VK-4 RADAR Repeater 1275
VK-5 RADAR Repeater 1277
VL RADAR Repeater 1279
W SERIES - Combined Sonar Ranging and Sounding
WCA, WCA-1 Echo Ranging Listening and Sounding Equipment 1285
WCA-2, WCA-3 Echo Ranging Listening and Sounding Equipment 1287
WEB Echo Ranging Listening and Sounding Equipment 1289
WFA Echo Ranging Listening and Sounding Equipment 1291
WFA-1 Echo Ranging Listening and Sounding Equipment 1293
Y SERIES - Navigation and Landing 1295
YE-1 to YE-3 Radio Homing Beacon Equipment 1297
YG to YG-2 Radio Homing Beacon Equipment 1301
YL Radio Homing Beacon Equipment 1305
YN Radio Target Transmitter 1309
CM-23AFL RADAR Distribution Switchboard 1315
RC-120-B Facsimile Equipment 1317
23172A, 23172B, 23211A, 23211B, 23423 Radiophone Units 1319
23304 Telephone and Remote Control Unit 1321
23500 Radiophone Unit 1323
49131 Loudspeaker-Amplifier 1325
49545 Loudspeaker-Amplifier 1327
49546 Loudspeaker 1329
49620 Loudspeaker-Amplifier 1330
50064 Speech Input Equipment 1333
CKB-50172 Antenna Multicoupler Unit 1334
50194 Speech Input and Modulation Equipment 1335
53153 Interference Filter 1337
CAN-55100, CAN-55100A, 55134, 55134A Tactical Range Recorder 1339
CBM-55105, CQA-55098, CDI-55136, CRV-55149 Bearing Deviation Indicator 1341
CABL-74039 Portable Frequency Standard 1343
Infrared 1345
AN/BAR-1 (XN-1) Passive Bearing Finder 1347
AN/SAC-1 Type E Infrared Voice Communications System 1348
AN/SAR-1 Infrared Image Forming Receiver 1349
AM Infrared Image Forming Receiver 1350
Type H Hood for Converting 12-Inch Signaling Searchlight into Infrared Transmitter 1351
Type X Infrared Beach Marker 1352
Type X-3A Infrared Beacon System 1353
Type X-9B Infrared Beacon System 1354
Radio Activity Detection Identification and Computation-RADIAC Terms 1357
AN/PDR-1 RADIAC Set 1359
AN/PDR-3 RADIAC Set 1360
AN/PDR-4 RADIAC Set 1362
AN/PDR-5 RADIAC Set 1363
AN/PDR-6 RADIAC Set 1364
AN/PDR-7 RADIAC Set 1365
AN/PDR-9 RADIAC Set 1366
AN/UDR-1 RADIAC Set 1367
AN/UDR-2 RADIAC Set 1368
AN/UDR-3 RADIAC Set 1369
CP-37/UD RADIAC Computer-Indicator 1372
CP-38/UD RADIAC Computer-Indicator 1374
DT-20/UD RADIAC Detector 1375
DT-25/UD RADIAC Detector 1376
PH-614/U Densitometer 1385
Alpha Ray Track Apparatus 1386
Spinthariscope Spinthariscope 1387
BC-312-N, BC-312-NX, BC-342-N Radio Receiver 1391
BC-329 Radio Transmitter 1392
BC-339 Radio Transmitter 1393
BC-610 Radio Transmitter 1394
BC-638-A Frequency Meter 1395
BC-639 Radio Receiver 1395
BC-640 Radio Transmitter 1397
SCR-188-A Radio Set 1398
SCR-193 Radio Set 1399
SCR-274-N Radio Set 1400
SCR-299, SCR-399, SCR-499 Radio Sets 1401
SCR-300 Radio Set 1403
SCR-508, SCR-528, SCR-538 Radio Sets 1405
SCR-510 Radio Set 1407
SCR-511 Radio Set 1408
SCR-522, SCR-542 Radio Set 1409
SCR-536, SCR-538 Radio Set 1410
SCR-608, SCR-609, SCR-610, SCR-628 Radio Sets 1411
SCR-624 Radio Set 1413
SCR-694 Radio Set 1414
AP Attack Plotter Mark 1, Mod 2 1417
DCDI, DCRE Depth Charge Direction Indicator, Range Estimator 1419



Washington, D. C., 15 April, 1946

1. "Catalogue of Electronic Equipment," NavShips 900,116, is a CONFIDENTIAL nonregistered publication and shall be handled in accordance with U. S. Navy Regulations. Periodic accounting is not required. While the Catalogue as a whole is considered to be confidential, it will be noted that each page carries a classification in accordance with the security applicable to the equipment involved.

2. NavShips 900,116 replaces the earlier edition of the Catalogue known as SHIPS 275, and upon receipt hereof all copies of SHIPS 275 should be destroyed. It does not replace the "Catalogue of Electronic Test Equipment," NavShips 900,105. However, the two publications may be brought together under a single cover if such combination serves the user's purpose to better advantage.1

3. The purpose of this publication is to supply a convenient and summarized reference of the principal Bureau of Ships electronic equipments (except air-borne). It is obviously beyond the scope of this publication to list all the data on any equipment. Where more complete information is desired it will always be necessary to consult the instruction book. To identify equipments not appearing here, the reader is referred to the "List of Naval Electronic Equipment" (SHIPS 242A).

4. This publication had been made loose-leaf so that correcting pages or descriptions of new equipments can be added from time to time. Pages are arranged alphabetically according to the model letter of the equipment, or, in the case of type-numbered components, numerically. When new equipments are added, insert the pages in their proper alphabetical place. At the back of the Catalogue is a section entitled "Miscellaneous" in which will be found those equipments which do not carry any standard Army or Navy nomenclature.

5. This publication contains information affecting the national defense of the United States within the meaning of the Espionage Act (U. S. C. 50; 31, 32) as amended.

6. Additional copies may be secured from the Bureau of Ships.

Vice Admiral, USN,
Chief of the Bureau of Ships.

1 NavShips 900,116 is an interim publication pending official cataloguing of Bureau of Ships electronic material.



In this Catalogue equipments are designated by four nomenclature systems: (1) Navy Model Letters, (2) Army-Navy Nomenclature, (3) Signal Corps, and (4) Navy Type Numbers.

The charts which appear on the following pages are included for convenient reference in

  cases where the reader may desire to identify some unit or equipment from its nomenclature. No attempt is made to explain these systems in detail or to supply all the rules which go into the assignment of such nomenclature.

Army-Navy Nomenclature System

The Army-Navy Nomenclature system (AN System) is applied by the Army to all its equipments and by the Navy to its air-borne equipment or to other types which are procured jointly by the two services. The system applies not only to complete equipments but to component units. The letters "AN" indicate that a complete equipment is described (as AN/ TPS-1), while components of the equipments are described by an indicator followed by the model letters of the complete equipment with which the unit was first used (T-2/ARC-6).

Table of Component Indicators

AB Antenna Supports.
AM Amplifiers.
AS Antenna Assemblies.
AA Antennas.
BA Battery, primary type.
BB Battery, secondary type.
BZ Audible Signal Devices.
C Control Articles.
CG R. F. Cables and Transmission Line.
CK Crystal Kits.
CM Comparators.
CN Compensators.
CP Computers.
CR Crystal Units.
CU Coupling Units.
CV Converters (electronic).
CW Covers.
CX Cords.
CY Cases.
DT Detecting Heads.
DY Dynamotors.
F Filters.
FN Furniture.
G Generators (see PU).
GO Goniometers.
GP Ground Rods.
H Head, Hand and Chest Sets.
HC Crystal Holder.
HD Air Conditioning Apparatus.
ID Indicators.
IL Insulators.
J Junction Units.
KY Keying Devices.
LC Line Construction Tools.
LS Loudspeakers.
M Microphones.
MD Modulators.
MK Maintenance Kits or Equipments.
ML Meteorological Apparatus.
MT Mountings.
MX Miscellaneous.
O Oscillators.
OA Operating Assemblies.
PF Pole Fittings.
PG Pigeon Articles.
PH Photographic Articles.
PP Power Supplies.
PT Plotting Equipments.
PU Power Equipments.
R Radio and Radar Receivers.
RD Recorders and Reproducers.
RE Relay Assemblies.
RF Radio Frequency Units.
RG Bulk R. F. Cables and Transmission Line.
RL Reel Assemblies.
RP Rope and Twine.
RR Reflectors.
RT Receiver and Transmitter.
S Shelters.
SA Switching Assemblies.
SB Switchboards.
SM Simulators.
SN Synchronizers.
ST Straps.
T Radio and Radar Transmitters.
TA Telephone Apparatus.
TD Timing Devices.
TF Transformers.
TH Telegraph Apparatus.
TK Tool Kits or Equipments.
TL Tools.
TN Tuning Units.
TS Test Equipments.
TT Teletypewriter and Facsimile Apparatus.
U Audio and Power Connectors.
UG R. F. Connectors.
V Vehicles.
VS Visual Signaling Equipments.
WD Two Conductor Cables.
WF Four Conductor Cables.
WM Multiple Conductor Cables.
WS Single Conductor Cables.
WT Three Conductor Cables.


Table of Equipment Indicators

A Airborne (installed and operated in aircraft).
C Air transportable (designed to be air transportable as stated in specification or military characteristics).
F Ground, fixed.
G Ground, general ground use (includes two or more ground installations).
M Ground, mobile (installed as operating unit in a vehicle which has no function other than transporting the equipment).
P Ground, pack or portable (horse or man).
S Shipboard.
T Ground, transportable.
U General utility (includes two or more general installation classes, airborne, shipboard and ground) .
V Ground, vehicular (installed in vehicle designed for functions other than carrying radio equipment, etc., such as tanks).
B Pigeon.
C Carrier (wire).
F Photographic.
G Telegraph or teletype (wire).
I Interphone and public address.
K Telemetering.
M Meteorological.
N Sound.
P Radar.
R Radio.
S Special types (heat, magnetic, etc.) or combination of types.
T Telephone (wire).
V Visual and light.
X Facsimile or television.
A Auxiliary assemblies (not complete operating sets).
B Bombing.
C Communications (receiving and transmitting).
D Direction finder.
G Gun directing.
H Recording (photographic and sound).
L Searchlight control.
M Maintenance and test assemblies (including tools).
N Navigational aids (including altimeters, beacons, compass and instrument landing).
P Reproducing (photographic and sound).
Q Special, or combination of types.
R Receiving.
S Search and/or detecting.
T Transmitting.
W Remote control.
X Identification and recognition.

Navy Type Number System

Navy type numbers are assigned to units and components likely to require replacement. Type numbers are preceded by two or more letters indicating the manufacturer; the first of these letters is C. Following the letters is a series of numbers, the first two of which indicate the general class of the equipment or component. These classes are listed in the following table.

Table of Type Number Classes

10 Miscellaneous.
14 Special R-F Devices.
19 Batteries.
20 Rectifier Power Units.
21 Electrical Machines.
22 Indicating Instruments.
23 Control Panels and Control Units.
24 Switches.
25 Electrical Shields.
26 Telegraph Keys.
28 Protective Devices.
29 Electromagnetic Contact Devices.
30 Transformers and Reactors. 35 Oscillators.
40 Piezoelectric Crystals and Holders-Thermometers-Thermostats.
41 Compensators-Sonar.
43 Transmitter-Receiver Units.
46 Receiver Units and Converters.
47 R-F Transformers-Inductors-Chokes.
48 Capacitors.
49 Head Telephones and Associated Apparatus.
50 Amplifier, Modulator, and Coupler Units-Electronic Converters-Mixing Panels.
51 Microphones-Hydrophones-Combination Handsets.
52 Radio Transmitter Units.
53 Filter Units.
55 Indicators and Recorders.
59 Television-Photo-radio-Facsimile.
60 Test Equipment.
61 Insulators.
62 Wires-Conductors-Junction Boxes.
63 Resistors-Potentiometers-Attenuators.
65 Remote Control Systems by Wire.
66 Antennas-Antenna Assemblies.
67 Automatic Systems.
69 Direction Finders.
71 Aircraft Radio Equipment (Obsolete).
73 Combined Engine Generator Sets.
74 Precision Calibration and Measuring Equipment.
78 Miscellaneous Sonar.
79 Sonar Transmitters.
83 Frequency Control Systems.
84 Control by Radio.
90 Visual Signaling Apparatus.


Navy Model Letter System

Navy Model Letters are assigned to complete equipments. In general, two-letter combinations are assigned first, and when the alphabet is exhausted three letters are used. (RAA is a later assignment than RU; RBA is later than RAA.) In some equipments the second letter   designates a subclassification indicated in the second column of the table. (QCS is in a different category from QBF and not necessarily a later assignment. However, QCU is later than QCS.)

A Airborne Radio and Radar Equipment All new assignments to Airborne Equipments shall be in the "AN" (Army-Navy) Nomenclature System.
AB Airborne IFF.
AI Airborne Radar Intercept.
AM Airborne Radio Transmitting and Receiving.
AR Airborne Radio Receiving.
AS Airborne Search Radar.
AT Airborne Radio Transmitting.
AY Airborne Radar Altimeters.
B Ship-Shore IFF Equipment.
C CX All Commercial Experimental Equipment.
D Ship-Shore Radio and Radar Direction Finding Equipment: DF assemblies which when used with a standard receiver form a complete DF equipment.
DX Assembled Direction Finder Equipments.
E Emergency Power Equipment Gasoline or Diesel Engine Generator Sets.
F Radar Fire Control Equipment "F" Series superseded by the BuOrd Radar MARK-MOD-Series.
FP Facsimile Recording Equipment Subseries of "F" Series in use for other than Fire Control Radar.
FQ Facsimile Scanning Equipment
FR Frequency Shift Receiver Converter Equipment
FS Frequency Shift Keying Equipment
G Airborne Radio Transmitting Equipment Classification cancelled-Reassigned "AT"Series.
H Hoist Train Mechanism Cancelled-Hoist Train Mechanism considered as part of an equipment.
I Intercept Radar.
J Sonar-Sound Listening (Receiving).
L Precision Calibrating Equipment.
M Radio Transmitting and Receiving Equipment.
Mark, Mod Radar Fire Control Equipment.
N Sonar Echo Sounding:
NA Sonar Beacon.
NG Echo Sounding (Rochelle Salt).
NK Portable Echo Sounding Recording.
NJ Lightweight Echo Sounding Recording.
NM Echo Sounding (Magnetostriction).
O Measuring, Test and Operator Trainer Equipments for Models OA to OCZ, inclusive. For Models OCZ on, The subseries breakdown is as follows:
OE Xmtr and/or Rec. Analyzers.
Vacuum Tube Voltmeters.

OF Echo Boxes, Wavemeters, Frequency Meters (Non-Precision).
OG Signal Generators (Non-Precision), Test Oscillators.
OK Sonar Computers.
OM Test Monitor Equipment.
OP Signal and Sound Pulse or Wave Analyzers.
OQ Sonar Practice Target Equipment.
OR Field Intensity or Standing Wave Measuring Equipment, Noise Meters.
OS Oscilloscopes.
OT Radar Operator Trainers.
OV Vacuum Tube Analyzers or Testers.
OW Sonar Test Equipment.
OZ Impedance Measuring Equipment.
P Automatic Transmitting and Receiving Equipment. Coding Equipment.
Q Sonar Echo-Ranging-Listening Equipments:
QA E/R/L (Quartz).
QB E/R/L (Rochelle Salt).
QC E/R (Magnetostriction) with L (Rochelle Salt).
QD Depth Determining Equipment.
QF Teacher and Training Equipment.
QG Console Version of "QC" Series.
QH Scanning Sonar-Magnetostriction
QJ Console Version of "QB" Series.
QK Scanning Sonar-Crystal.
QL Frequency Modulated Sonar.
QX Auxiliary Equipments to Echo Ranging Gear.
R Radio Receiving Equipment Panoramic Radio Adapters were included in this class up through Model REZ.
RP Panoramic Radio Adapters.
S Search Radar Equipment.
T Radio Transmitting Equipment:
TP Power Amplifiers.
U Remote Control:
UX Mobile Remote Control.
V Visual-PPI Repeaters.
W Sonar-Combined Ranging and Sounding:
WA Combined Sounding-Ranging (Magnetostriction)
WB Combined Sounding-Ranging (Rochelle salt)
WC Combined Sounding-Ranging (M/S Sounding, R/S and M/S Listening).
WD Combined Sounding-Ranging (R/S Sounding, M/S and R/S Ranging and Listening).
WE Combined Lightweight M/S Echo Ranging with Sounding feature removed.
WF Combined Ranging-Sounding-Listening (Sonic and Supersonic Listening using ADP crystals).
X Experimental (Navy designed)
Y Navigation and Landing Equipment, other than Direction Finders Beacons.
Z Air-borne Navigation and Landing Classification cancelled-Reassigned AY Series.

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