First Issue AUGUST, 1944

A detailed section index is located at the front of each section, just behind the section tab.

Cover 0A-000-01
Dedication 0A-001-02
Table of Contents 0A-002-01
Introduction 0A-002-03
Fundamentals - Section 1 1A-001-01
Electromotive force, Direct current circuits, Alternating current circuits. 1B-010-01
A-c polyphase squirrel cage motors 1B-030-01
A-c wound rotor motors 1B-035-01
Direct current series motors 1B-040-01
Direct current shunt motors 1B-045-01
Individual Devices - Section 2
A-c and d-c magnetic relays and contactors used on various types of control equipment are individually illustrated and described, with special attention to operation, general care and special features. Arranged according to device number.
N91 D-c Shunt Contactor 2B-091-01
N92 D-c Shunt Contactor 2B-092-01
N95 D-c Shunt Contactor 2B-095-01
N100 D-c Lockout Contactor 2B-100-01
N101 D-c Lockout Contactor 2B-101-01
N102 D-c Lockout Contactor 2B-102-01
N105 D-c Lockout Contactor 2B-105-01
N131 D-c Current Relay 2B-131-01
N132 D-c Current Relay 2B-132-01
N175 D-c Series Relay 2B-175-01
N209 D-c Overload Relay 2B-209-01
N222 D-c Current Relay 2B-222-01
N223 A-c Overload Relay 2B-223-01
N224 D-c Shunt Relay 2B-224-01
N225 D-c Shunt Contactor 2B-225-01
N291 A-c Shunt Contactor 2B-291-01
N294 A-c Shunt Contactor 2B-294-01
N306 A-c Shunt Contactor 2B-306-01
N339 A-c Shunt Contactor 2B-339-01
N340 A-c Shunt Contactor 2B-340-01
N352 A-c Shunt Contactor 2B-352-01
N369 D-c Shunt Contactor 2B-369-01
N401 A-c Shunt Contactor 2B-401-01
N404 A-c Shunt Contactor 2B-404-01
N408 A-c Shunt Contactor 2B-408-01
N410 A-c Shunt Contactor 2B-410-01
N419 A-c Shunt Contactor 2B-419-01
N420 A-c Shunt Contactor 2B-420-01
N423 A-c or D-c Shunt Contactor 2B-423-01
N429 A-c Shunt Contactor 2B-429-01
N434 A-c Shunt Contactor 2B-434-01
N439 D-c Shunt Contactor 2B-439-01
N442 D-c Shunt Contactor 2B-442-01
N448 A-c Shunt Contactor 2B-448-01
N456 A-c Shunt Contactor 2B-456-01
N460 D-c Shunt Contactor 2B-460-01
N461 D-c Shunt Contactor 2B-461-01
N462 D-c Shunt Contactor 2B-462-01
N464 A-c Shunt Contactor 2B-464-01
N492 A-c Shunt Contactor 2B-492-01
N495 A-c Shunt Contactor 2B-495-01
N499 A-c Shunt Contactor 2B-499-01
N515 D-c timing Relay 2B-515-01
N516 A-c Two Position Relay 2B-516-01
N520 A-c Bus Transfer Contactor 2B-520-01
N521 A-c Bus Transfer Contactor 2B-521-01
N522 A-c Bus Transfer Contactor 2B-522-01
N523 A-c Bus Transfer Contactor 2B-523-01
N524 A-c Bus Transfer Contactor 2B-524-01
N525 A-c or D-c Two Position Relay 2B-525-01
N526 A-c Shunt Relay 2B-526-01
N529 A-c Bus Transfer Contactor 2B-529-01
N540 D-c Shunt Contactor 2B-540-01
N541 D-c Shunt Contactor 2B-541-01
N542 D-c Shunt Contactor 2B-542-01
N545 D-c Shunt Contactor 2B-545-01
N546 D-c Shunt Contactor 2B-546-01
N550 A-c Overload Relay 2B-546-02
N560 D-c Shunt Contactor 2B-560-01
N561 D-c Shunt Contactor 2B-561-01
N562 D-c Shunt Contactor 2B-562-01
N569 D-c Shunt Contactor 2B-569-01
N570 D-c Ltl Contactor 2B-570-01
N571 D-c Ltl Contactor 2B-571-01
N572 D-c Ltl Contactor 2B-572-01
N500 A-c Shunt Relay 2B-600-01
N617 D-c Shunt Relay 2B-617-01
N619 A-c Shunt Contactor 2B-619-01
N620 A-c Shunt Contactor 2B-620-01
N621 D-c Latching Relay 2B-621-01
N623 A-c Shunt Contactor 2B-623-01
N625 A-c Shunt Contactor 2B-625-01
N627 A-c Shunt Contactor 2B-627-01
N628 A-c Shunt Contactor 2B-628-01
N629 A-c Shunt Contactor 2B-629-01
N630 A-c Shunt Contactor 2B-630-01
N631 A-c or D-c Two Position Relay 2B-631-01
N632 A-c Shunt Relay 2B-632-01
N633 A-c Shunt Contactor 2B-633-01
N634 A-c Shunt Contactor 2B-634-01
N635 A-c Shunt Contactor 2B-635-01
N636 A-c Shunt Contactor 2B-636-01
N639 A-c Two Position Relay 2B-639-01
N668 D-c Shunt Contactor 2B-668-01
N669 D-c Shunt Contactor 2B-669-01
N700 D-c Shunt Contactor 2B-700-01
N701 D-c Shunt Contactor 2B-701-01
N709 D-c Overload Relay 2B-709-01
Typical Controllers - Section 3
Various assemblies of control components as used in Navy service, are illustrated and described. Application, operation, description and typical wiring diagrams are included.
D-c Manual Resistor Type Starter with Automatic Acceleration 3B-009-01
A-c or D-c Manual Across-the-Line Starter 3B-022-01
A-c or D-c Manual Across-the-Line Starter For Two-Speed Two-Winding Motors 3B-028-01
D-c Magnetic Starters--Armature Resistor Type 3B-042-01
A-c Magnetic Contactor Panels 3B-056-01
Automatic Bus Transfer Switch 3B-059-01
A-c Magnetic Across-the-Line Starters 3B-062-01
A-c Magnetic Auto-Transformer Starters 3B-066-01
A-c Magnetic Across-the-Line Starter for Two Speed Squirrel Cage Motors 3B-068-01
Accessories and Miscellaneous - Section 4 4A-001-01
  Type NM - For d-c service 4B-010-01
  Type NTM - For a-c service 4B-020-01
Master Switches and Pilot Devices
  Pushbutton stations 4C-010-01
  Drum switches 4C-020-01
  Cam type master 4C-025-01
  Limit switches 4C-040-01
  Pressure switch 4C-060-01
  Plate type (low shock) 4E-020-01
  Plate type (HI shock) 4E-022-01
  Disconnect switch 4H-010-01
  Knife switch (High shock) 4H-015-01
  Mercury timer 4H-020-01
  Magnetic door lock 4H-030-01
Magnetic Latch
  For size 3 and 4 contactor 4H-040-01
  For size 5 and 6 contactor 4H-045-01
General Maintenance - Section 5
Periodic inspection - General maintenance - Mechanically operated devices - Magnetically operated devices (Contactors, relays and brakes) - Static accessories (resistors, rectifiers, capacitors, transformers, fuses).
Definitions and Symbols - Section 6 6A-001-01
Definitions (Controllers, switches, duty classifications, general, miscellaneous, protection and wiring diagrams) 6B-010-01
Device markings (Functional designations for individual devices) 6B-020-01
Wiring diagram symbols (Typical symbols in general use for the representation of various mechanical or electrical devices.) 6B-030-01


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