Combined List Of Sources For Maritime Goods And Services

Ted Kaye, Mystic Seaport Museum

This list of sources for maritime goods and services was created by combining the list from:
Ted Kaye; Mystic Seaport Museum
Navel Historical Center Detachment Boston
Capt. Daniel Morland; Windward Isles Sailing Ship Co. Ltd.
Kathleen Murphy; Public Works Canada
Tommi Nielsen; T. Nielsen & Co. Ltd.

These are just lists of product or services. Sometimes with comments.

They are neither recommendations, endorsements, nor imply satisfaction or accuracy of those companies listed.

This list is available in two formats:

Click here to view the World Wide Web version .

Click here to load a comma delimited text version. With a little effort this version can be used with your favorite database or fancy word processor. For example, conf-kaye-listmast.doc is a Microsoft Word 7.01 document that can was used to create the World Wide Web version above.

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